Shohei Ikegawa

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The ICP4 homolog of Marek's disease virus (MDV ICP4) is a possible candidate for the transactivator of the early genes. We transfected MDCC-MSB-1 (MSB-1) tumor cells with plasmid including a coding region of MDV ICP4 using cationic liposome. As carriers for intranuclear transport, high mobility group -1 and -2 proteins were bound to the plasmid DNA before(More)
Sirtuins (SIRTs) are a family of NAD+ -dependent histone deacetylases. In mammals, dysfunction of SIRTs is associated with age-related metabolic diseases and cancers, so SIRT modulators are considered attractive therapeutic targets. However, current screening methodologies are problematic, and no tools for imaging endogenous SIRT activity in living cells(More)
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