Shohei Horiuchi

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Number- and size-controlled macromolecular associations are common in biology with viruses as a typical example. We report here a novel example of artificial viruses, in which the double-helical DNA is coated with 4-nm sized neutral glycocluster nanoparticles (GNPs) with a coating stoichiometry of approximately 2 GNPs per helical pitch (10 base pairs),(More)
A macrocyclic octaamine 1 having a covalently linked lipid-bundle structure was introduced as a new type of siRNA carrier. Gel electrophoresis, DLS, and SPR results indicate that it strongly binds to a luciferase-targeting 21-mer (42P) siRNA with a ratio of 1/P congruent with 0.3 (1/N congruent with 2.4) to give remarkably compact 1-siRNA complexes with an(More)
We investigated the transfection properties of singly and triply lactose-functionalized derivatives, Lac(1) and Lac(3), and non-glycosylated one, Lac(0), of calix[4]resorcarene-based amphiphilic octaamine 1 in light of those previously reported for more extensively glycosylated compounds Lac(5) and Lac(8). They all strongly bind to the luciferase-encoding(More)
The web software CHOP was developed to visualize the 'wobbling' in the third codon position of aligned DNA sequences. The simple features of this tool allow users to easily find regions suspected of containing coding sequences (CDSs). The program also allows visualization of the nucleotide diversity between two genomic or gene sequences by graphically(More)
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