Shogo Sasaki

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Atomic-layer transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) have attracted appreciable interest due to their tunable band gap, spin-valley physics, and potential device applications. However, the quality of TMDC samples available still poses serious problems, such as inhomogeneous lattice strain, charge doping, and structural defects. Here, we report on the(More)
A new-channel-waveguide-fabrication process for use with polyimide is described. The new technique uses an electron-beam-induced effect to alter the refractive index of the polyimides directly. Channel waveguides with an 8-µm-wide, 8-µm-deep core have been fabricated on a polyimide film by the use of electron-beam irradiation. Only one kind of polyimide(More)
Introduction: A large concentration of seemingly collapsed features and associated outflow channels are found between western Lunae Planum and western Arabia Terra in the cratered highlands (units Npl1 and Npl2 [1]) and the volcanic plains (unit Hr [1]). Comparisons with terrestrial flood channels, such as those of Channeled Scablands in eastern Washington,(More)
Friction occurs between solid surfaces, and even sometimes on lubricated surfaces. To understand tribological subjects, it is important to know the changes that occur in friction surfaces. In this study, a laser strobe technique is applied to a friction surface observation. The recorded surface images were analysed using pattern-matching methods and their(More)
A new phase of solid bromine was discovered at a pressure region above 80 GPa by Raman scattering experiments with a diamond anvil cell. This phase was found to be the same as the iodine phase V with an incommensurate structure (Takemura 2003) which appears between the molecular phase I and the monatomic phase II. In the incommensurate phases of bromine and(More)
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