Shogo Nakano

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The aim of this study was to verify the utility of second-look sonography using real-time virtual sonography (RVS)—a coordinated sonography with an MRI system that uses an image fusion technique with(More)
We have determined the x-ray crystal structure of L-lysine ε-oxidase from Marinomonas mediterranea in its native and L-lysine-complex forms at 1.94- and 1.99-Å resolution, respectively. In the native(More)
We sought to evaluate the use of the Onco type DX Breast Cancer Assay for identifying candidates for adjuvant therapy in patients with estrogen receptor (ER)-positive, node-negative primary Stage I(More)
This study verified that recently developed real-time virtual sonography (RVS) to coordinate a sonography image and the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) with magnetic(More)