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Phototaxis in the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is mediated by rhodopsin-type photoreceptor(s). Recent expressed sequence tag database from the Kazusa DNA Research Institute has provided the basis for unequivocal identification of two archaeal-type rhodopsins in it. Here we demonstrate that one is located near the eyespot, wherein the(More)
A new concept DLNR (Dynamic Learning Need Reflection) and its system used in the education at a university are suggested. The effects, particularly on the learning of software agents, are analyzed. DLNR's goal is to increase students' learning motivation through dynamically clarifying and reflecting their learning need. To attain this, DLNR includes "(More)
To reduce the volume of seaweed wastes and extract polysaccharides, seaweed-degrading bacteria were isolated from drifting macroalgae harvested along the coast of Toyama Bay, Japan. Sixty-four bacterial isolates were capable of degrading “Wakame” (Undaria pinnatifida) thallus fragments into single cell detritus (SCD) particles. Amongst these, strain 6532A(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the microbial diversity associated with Lake Nyos, a lake with an unusual chemistry in Cameroon. Water samples were collected during the dry season on March 2013. Bacterial and archaeal communities were profiled using Polymerase Chain Reaction-Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (PCR-DGGE) approach of the 16S rRNA(More)
The Sentiment analysis targeted customer reviews is an active research field in recent years. Customer reviews contain various topics that closely related to interest of reviewer and situation of utilization. Using this relation, it will be possible to show readers information that fits in interest of them. We collected customer reviews from a tourism(More)
The fern Athyrium yokoscense is a Cd hyperaccumulator, and can attain a high concentration of Cd in the fronds. The present study determined that Ba is also accumulated in the fronds. The contents of Ba, evaluated in 24 individuals, were 443 mg kg−1 dw on average, with a maximum of 1020 mg kg−1 dw. Another Cd hyperaccumulator, Arabidopsis halleri, which(More)
SNS is one of the most effective communication tools and it has brought about drastic changes in our lives. Recently, however, a phenomenon called flaming or backlash becomes an imminent problem to private companies. A flaming incident is usually triggered by thoughtless comments/actions on SNS, and it sometimes ends up damaging to the company's reputation(More)
We previously isolated and reported a second species of the Saccharophagus genus, Saccharophagus sp. strain Myt-1. In the present study, a cellulase gene (celMytB) from the genomic DNA of Myt-1 was cloned and characterized. The DNA sequence fragment contained an open reading frame of 1,893 bp that encoded a protein of 631 amino acids with an estimated(More)