Shogo Miyake

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A rotation-invariant neocognitron, which has been recently proposed by authors, is trained by using handwritten numerical patterns provided by ETL-1 database. A new learning algorithm, " auto-generating algorithm " , is proposed and the learning time is reduced. The model can recognize realistic handwritten patterns. It is also shown that the model is(More)
Self-organization of orientation maps due to external stimuli in the primary visual area of the cerebral cortex is studied in a two-layered neural network which consists of formal neuron models with a sigmoidal output function. A cluster learning rule is proposed as an extended Hebbian learning rule, where a modification of synaptic connections is(More)
A new model which can recognize rotated, distorted, scaled, shifted and noised patterns is proposed. The model is constructed based on psychological experiments in a mental rotation. The model has two types of processes: (i) one is a bottom-up process in which pattern recognition is realized by means of a rotation-invariant neocognitron and a standard(More)
Statin therapy results in regression and stabilization of coronary artery plaques, and reduces the incidence of coronary artery disease. However, statin therapy does not effectively halt the accumulation of necrotic core in all patients. The purpose of the present study was to identify the predictors associated with necrotic core progression during statin(More)