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Total Syntheses of Juglorescein and Juglocombins A and B.
The epoxide intermediate obtained from the dimerization was successfully converted into juglorescein and juglocombins A and B through photoinduced reduction of the epoxide, dehydration, and conversion of the resultant quinone into a hydroquinone derivative.
Skeletal Rearrangements of Polycyclic α-Ketols.
The skeletal rearrangement of polycyclic α-ketols inspired by this hypothetical biosynthetic transformation is reported and an unexpected rearrangements from dibenzo[b]fluorene to benzo[g]chromene is also reported.
Total Synthesis of Cochlearol B via Intramolecular [2+2] Photocycloaddition.
Key steps, oxidative cyclization and subsequent intramolecular [2+2] photocycloaddition, which constructed the pentacyclic structure in highly stereoselective manner, allowed efficient access to cochlearol B with the longest linear sequence of 16 steps, and in 9% overall yield.
Synthesis, antibacterial and cytotoxic evaluation of flavipucine and its derivatives.
Total Synthesis of (-)-Lamellodysidine A via an Intramolecular Diels-Alder Reaction.
An eight-step enantioselective synthesis of (-)-lamellodysidine A is achieved, a structurally intriguing sesquiterpene natural product featuring a 5/5/6/6-fused tetracyclic skeleton that was obtained from the marine sponge Lamellodea herbacea.
Bioinspired Synthesis of Juglorubin from Juglomycin C.
The synthesis of juglorubin, a natural red dye, from juglomycin C, a plausible biogenetic precursor, is reported and the photophysical properties of synthetic juglorUBin and its derivatives were evaluated.
Synthesis and Photochemical Properties of Axially Chiral Bis(dinaphthofuran).
Both enantiomers of axially chiral bis(dinaphthofuran) were prepared in only two steps from 1'-hydroxy-4'-methoxy-2,2'-binaphthalenyl-1,4-dione, followed by optical resolution via high-performance