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With widespread Internet technologies, and the increasing number of users owning networking devices at home, home LANs are becoming a popular utility. Home LANs may be established on two distinct layer 2 technologies, i.e., wired and wireless Ethernet, each of which has variants providing different communication modes and speeds. There appears to be a large(More)
Recently, with the advent of YouTube and similar video streaming websites, online video playback has gained popularity. Further, video traffic, represents the largest portion of Internet traffic. However, online video traffic contains redundant traffic due to identical video accesses. Network virtualization has been studied and developed, which makes it(More)
OpenFlow switches have predefined actions to be executed by the controller, but if any undefined actions need to be executed on given packets, they are transferred to the controller by the exception mechanism called Packet-In and processed there. When we execute undefined custom actions with Packet-In on the controller, there are three problems. (1)(More)
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