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Meis1 Coordinates Cerebellar Granule Cell Development by Regulating Pax6 Transcription, BMP Signaling and Atoh1 Degradation
Cerebellar granule cell precursors (GCPs) and granule cells (GCs) represent good models to study neuronal development. Here, we report that the transcription factor myeloid ectopic viral integrationExpand
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Multimodal Belief Integration by HMM/SVM-Embedded Bayesian Network: Applications to Ambulating PC Operation by Body Motions and Brain Signals
Methods to integrate multimodal beliefs by Bayesian Networks (BNs) comprising Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) and Support Vector Machines (SVMs) are presented. Expand
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CyclinD1 controls development of cerebellar granule cell progenitors through phosphorylation and stabilization of ATOH1
Here we report that CyclinD1 (CCND1) directly regulates both the proliferative and immature states of cerebellar granule cell progenitors (GCPs). CCND1 not only accelerates cell cycle but alsoExpand