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Specific plant terpenoids and lignoids possess potent antiviral activities against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus.
  • C. Wen, Y. Kuo, N. Yang
  • Chemistry, Biology
    Journal of medicinal chemistry
  • 31 July 2007
It is suggested that specific abietane-type diterpenoids and lignoids exhibit strong anti-SARS-CoV effects.
Houttuynia cordata Targets the Beginning Stage of Herpes Simplex Virus Infection
Results indicate that H. cordata water extracts can inhibit HSV infection through multiple mechanisms and could be a potential lead for development of new drugs for treating HSV.
Oregonin inhibits lipopolysaccharide‐induced iNOS gene transcription and upregulates HO‐1 expression in macrophages and microglia
New evidences are provided into the anti‐inflammatory actions of oregonin, which include the inhibition of iNOS gene transcription via suppressing transcriptional activity of NF‐κB and AP‐1, as well as the upregulation of anti-inflammatory molecule HO‐1.
Dibenzocycloheptanoids from the leaves of Cinnamomum subavenium.
Application of HPLC-SPE-NMR to a selected fraction afforded two additional dibenzocycloheptatrienes (4, 7) and glycosides 2-7 comprise two diastereomers because of the chiral glycosyl moiety and the axial chirality of the biphenyl system.
Characterization of isoquinoline alkaloids from Neolitsea sericea var. aurata by HPLC-SPE-NMR.
Application of the HPLC-SPE-NMR technique to identify the alkaloids in an EtOH extract of the leaves of Neolitsea sericea var. aurata led to the characterization of 14 alkaloids while consuming plant