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Gendered lives in vernacular fiction: Redefining family in Hindi short stories of the early 1940s
This article is embedded in discourses surrounding the new mobility of people as well as scientific, technological and socio-cultural changes in a late-colonial setting. It investigates how a numberExpand
Adoption in Hindi Fiction: Contesting Normative Understandings of Parenting and Parenthood in Late Colonial India
Abstract This article examines gendered lives in vernacular fiction by focusing on the topic of child adoption as fictionalised in Hindi literature in late colonial India (1920s). It argues thatExpand
Hindi, Urdu or Hindustani? Revisiting ‘National Language’ Debates through Radio Broadcasting in Late Colonial India
Asking how the nationalist intelligentsia and Hindi literati sought to interact with and shape the new medium of radio in a period of time that witnessed the establishment of All India Radio’sExpand
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Nationalizing the Consumption of Tea for the Hindi Reader: The Indian Tea Market Expansion Board's advertisement campaign *
In analysing a campaign launched by the Indian Tea Market Expansion Board in a Hindi literary periodical, this article seeks to read tea advertisements within the cultural history of gendered livesExpand
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