Shobha Potluri

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BACKGROUND By virtue of their shared ancestry, homologous sequences are similar in their structure and function. Consequently, multiple sequence alignments are routinely used to identify trends that relate to function. This type of analysis is particularly productive when it is combined with structural and phylogenetic analysis. RESULTS Here we describe(More)
Assignment of nuclear Overhauser effect (NOE) data is a key bottleneck in structure determination by NMR. NOE assignment resolves the ambiguity as to which pair of protons generated the observed NOE peaks, and thus should be restrained in structure determination. In the case of intersubunit NOEs in symmetric homo-oligomers, the ambiguity includes both the(More)
The study of three-dimensional protein structures produces insights into protein function at the molecular level. Graphs provide a natural representation of protein structures and associated experimental data, and enable the development of graph algorithms to analyze the structures and data. This thesis develops such graph representations and algorithms for(More)
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