Shobha N. Joshi

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The relationship of microglia to senile plaques was investigated by culturing glial cells derived from neonatal rat brain on cryostat sections of Alzheimer's disease (AD) or control brain. Rat microglia were identified by their uptake of DiI-acetylated LDL. Plaques were colocalized using Thioflavin-S staining. Although the number of microglia attached to AD(More)
Global QSAR models predict biological response of molecular structures which are generic in particular class. A global QSAR dataset admits structural features derived from larger chemical space, intricate to model but more applicable in medicinal chemistry. The present work is global in either sense of structural diversity in QSAR dataset or large number of(More)
Bradykinin-induced relaxation of precontracted, porcine coronary artery (PCA) rings is mediated by distinctly different endothelium-derived relaxing factors depending on the contractile agent used. Thus when contracted with KC1, bradykinin-induced relaxation of PCA rings is mediated solely by nitric oxide (NO), whereas when contracted with the thromboxane(More)
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