Shobha Madan

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Let AI, be commutative semlslmple Banach algebras and 1 02 A2 be their projective tensor product. We prove that, if 10 2 is a group algebra (measure algebra) of a locally compact abelian group, then so are A 1 and A2. As a consequence, we prove that, if G is a locally compact abelian group and A is a comutatlve semi-simple Banach algebra, then the Banach(More)
We introduce a method to construct large classes of MSF wavelets of the Hardy space H2(R) and symmetric MSF wavelets of L2(R), and discuss the classification of such sets. As application, we show that there are uncountably many wavelet sets of L2(R) and H2(R). We also enumerate all symmetric wavelets of L2(R) with at most three intervals in the positive(More)
In this paper we have characterized the space of summa-bility kernels for the case p = 1 and p = 2. For other values of p we give a necessary condition for a function Λ to be a summability kernel. For the case p = 1, we have studied the properties of measures which are transferred from M (Z) to M (R) by summability kernels. Further, we have extended every l(More)
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We give a characterization of a class of band-limited wavelets of L(R) and show that none of these wavelets come from a multiresolution analysis (MRA). For each n ≥ 2, we construct a subset Sn of R which is symmetric with respect to the origin. We give necessary and sufficient conditions on a function ψ ∈ L(R) with supp ψ̂ ⊆ Sn to be an orthonormal wavelet.(More)
In this paper, we prove the Tiling implies Spectral part of Fuglede’s cojecture for the three interval case. Then we prove the converse Spectral implies Tiling in the case of three equal intervals and also in the case where the intervals have lengths 1/2, 1/4, 1/4. Next, we consider a set Ω ⊂ R, which is a union of n intervals. If Ω is a spectral set, we(More)
This paper gives an overview of the origins and development of hydroelectric and thermal power systems in India. Most of the early power generating stations, which were developed when India was a colony of the British, were hydro-electric in nature. These pre-independence generating stations fed loads in the urban areas and electrification of the villages(More)
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