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We propose a cross-layer optimization strategy that jointly optimizes the application layer, the data-link layer, and the physical layer of a wireless protocol stack using an application-oriented objective function. The cross-layer optimization framework provides efficient allocation of wireless network resources across multiple types of applications run by(More)
This paper proposes a Quality of Experience (QoE) based cross-layer design (CLD) framework for High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). The proposed scheme aims at maximizing the user satisfaction by taking advantage of the link adaptation mechanism of HSDPA and the rate adaptation capability of multimedia applications. The main contributions of the paper(More)
In this paper we introduce the concept of multiple description video transcoding (MDVT). MDVT converts a single description encoded video into two or more descriptions at an intermediate node in the network. The objective of our MDVT approach is to adapt the video transmission to a multi-radio environment where two or more independent transmission paths(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the causes of short stature in children with special emphasis on growth hormone deficiency. STUDY DESIGN Case series. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY Department of Paediatrics, Military Hospital, Rawalpindi and Combined Military Hospital, Multan from September 2004 to January 2007. METHODOLOGY Two hundred and fourteen children (140(More)
BACKGROUND Considerable effort has been made to categorise the bacterial composition of the human gut and correlate findings with gastrointestinal disease. The infant gut has long been considered sterile at birth followed by rapid colonisation; however, this view has recently been challenged. We examined first-pass meconium from healthy term infants to(More)
OBJECTIVES To quantify default during diagnosis in TB suspects and in smear-positive cases; to investigate sex differences in default during diagnosis, in all of Pakistan. METHODS Data from laboratory registers were collected on 12 216 suspects in nine districts over the period July-September 2008. RESULTS A total of 1573 TB suspects (12.9%, 95% CI =(More)
We address the problem of video streaming over multiple parallel networks. In the context of multiple users, accessing different types of applications, we are looking for efficient ways of allocating network resources and selecting network paths for each application, in order to maximize the overall systems performance. Our optimization joint problem(More)
This paper proposes a cross-layer optimization framework that provides efficient allocation of wireless network resources across multiple types of applications to maximize network capacity and user satisfaction. We define a novel optimization scheme based on the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) as the unifying metric. Our experiments, applied to scenarios where(More)
We propose an application-driven multi-user resource allocation and frame scheduling concept for wireless video streaming. Our approach is based on joint optimization of the application layer, the data link layer and the physical layer. For this, key parameters from these three layers are abstracted. The abstracted parameters at the application layer(More)
Nowadays, it is the demand of every internet user to stay connected most of the time even if the user is on the move. The core focus of this paper is on internet connectivity with moving vehicles. Wireless internet access on trains is not a standardized technology yet, therefore, it has diverse and vendor specific architecture. The authors have presented(More)