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The telecommunication industry has grown tremendously within the past few years. The number of subscribers is increasing day by day so it is becoming more and more difficult to monitor the activity of users in the mobile network. All the subscribers are not playing important role in the network and mobile companies might need to identify the valued(More)
— The paper presents a novel consumer device that acts as a cognitive mobile hotspot to provide ubiquitous secure wireless WAN and LAN connectivity while on the move. The mobile hotspot acts as a gateway and integrates VHF/UHF radios with multiple wireless WAN and LAN technologies. The device supports GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, CDMA2000 and WiMAX as WAN interfaces(More)
Cloud computing has grasped the attention of scientific community and business industry towards the provisioning of computing resources as utility and software as a service over a network. Profitability and revenue maximization are the most important goals for any cloud service provider which can be employed through different pricing models. Historically,(More)