Sho-ichiro Sakai

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The electrodeposition from an acidic solution containing Cu(2+), Sn(2+), and a cationic surfactant gave a negative differential resistance (NDR) and a current oscillation in a narrow potential region of about 20 mV lying slightly more negative than the onset potential for Sn-Cu alloy deposition. Scanning Auger microscopic inspection has indicated that alloy(More)
Electrochemical deposition of copper (Cu) from aqueous acidic Cu2+ solutions with o-phenanthroline (o-phen) shows both potential and current oscillations, together with a (partially hidden) N-shaped negative differential resistance (N-NDR), indicating that the oscillations are classified into hidden N-NDR (or HN-NDR) oscillations. The color and the surface(More)
We have investigated mechanisms of oscillations and formation of nano-scale layered structures in induced co-deposition of some iron-group alloys (Ni-P, Ni-W, and Co-W) that have unique properties and are widely used in industries. Detailed in situ electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (EQCM) experiments have revealed that the electrodeposition(More)
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