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This paper discusses the IVC (Inter Vehicle Communication) system for ITS. DS-SS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) is used for the IVC because it has CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) capability. However, efficient PN code allocation scheme is a problem to solve because the vehicles communication directly without base stations. In this paper, the(More)
In the current inter-vehicle communication (IVC) systems such as IEEE802.11p, the CSMA/CA scheme for the MAC scheme and the OFDM for the modulation scheme are most commonly used for the media access scheme and the modulation scheme respectively. These systems are assumed to be used in the application such as safety driving assistance, reducing traffic(More)
In this paper, improvement of the performance of the IVC system using the location oriented PN code allocation is studied. In this system, allocation of PN codes for each vehicle is easy. However interference problem occurs when multiple vehicles are locating in the area where the equivalent PN code is allocated. In order to mitigate the interference, MCS(More)
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