Shlomo Levental

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spell checking I have found many more misspelled words. These and other small points of grammar have not been added to the list. Preface page iv, line-7: hardly fail to adopt it page v, line-6: before the final assault Table of Contents page viii, line 8: Erd˝ os (also in other places in the book) page viii, Stopping Times 173 page x, line 3: Carathéodory(More)
We use our maximum inequality for p-th order random variables (p > 1) to prove a strong law of large numbers (SLLN) for sequences of p-th order random variables. In particular, in the case p = 2 our result shows that f (k)/k < ∞ is a sufficient condition for SLLN for f-quasi-stationary sequences to hold. It was known that the above condition, under the(More)
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