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The ligand binding requisites for membrane IgM-mediated signaling of human B lymphocyte clonal expansion and B cell tolerance were investigated with a well-characterized set of soluble murine anti-human IgM mAbs. Evaluation of the impact of mu chain domain specificity, affinity, and binding stoichiometry for membrane IgM on antibody-induced regulation of(More)
Seven murine monoclonal antibodies (mAb) with different binding characteristics for human IgM varied markedly in their ability to induce proliferation of T cell-depleted human splenocytes. Two mAb (HB57 and 5D7) that bound to distinct epitopes on IgM were highly effective initiators of B cell proliferation at very low concentrations, in the presence of a T(More)
The use of image guidance in medical applications is constantly growing because of its tremendous impact on the future of health care. Although image-based tissue tracking has been thoroughly explored in the academic literature for years, it has not yet matured to become widely accepted by clinicians. Undetected tissue movements in image-based clinical(More)
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