Shloka Desai

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Users of social networks can be passionate about sharing their political convictions, art projects, or business ventures. They often want to direct their social interactions to certain people in order to start collaborations or to raise awareness about issues they support. However, users generally have scattered, unstructured information about the(More)
In this paper we explore several approaches to implementing a QuestionAnswering model using the SQuAD [1] dataset. We explore four neural network architectures for this task: a model that attends over the question representation, a simple model without attention, a model that uses a normalized affinity matrix between paragraph and question representations(More)
As the largest online retailer, Amazon has a huge product base and community of reviewers. A lot of work has been done to determine reviewer communities [6], examine the user reviews of products to model opinion evaluation [7], study how information cascades contribute to opinion formation [6] and study product communities to improve recommendation engines.(More)
This work outlines the development of a classifier for extra ocular conditions that uses natural, noisy images of faces taken with point-and-shoot cameras. The entire dataset consists of about 7,244 labeled images of patients from Drashti Netralaya Eye Hospital in Gujarat, India. Five diseases were selected for classification: Goonderson Flap, Dermoid Cyst,(More)
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