Shkodran Zogaj

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Crowdsourcing has gained much attention in practice over the last years. Numerous companies have drawn on this concept for performing different tasks and value creation activities. Nevertheless, despite its popularity, there is still comparatively little well-founded knowledge on crowdsourcing, particularly with regard to the governance of crowdsourcing(More)
1 Software testing has become highly expensive in terms of time, money and other resources. Further, the classical in-house testing is restricted to the knowledge of a small set of solvers and thus is limited in terms of quality and efficiency. Recognizing this, the German start-up company, testCloud, implemented a crowdsourcing business model offering(More)
This research-in-progress-paper describes the case of SAPiens, which is a Virtual Ideas Community (VIC). Typically, SAPiens - and VICs in general - focuses solely on supporting the ideation interactions among members. There is evidence from a survey that SAPiens members are also interested in actively signaling competences, experiences and skills to third(More)
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