Shizuko Tsuji

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Modular polyketide synthases catalyze the biosynthesis of medicinally important natural products through an assembly-line mechanism. Although these megasynthases display very precise overall selectivity, we show that their constituent modules are remarkably tolerant toward diverse incoming acyl chains. By appropriate engineering of linkers, which exist(More)
Transient interactions of platelet-receptor glycoprotein Ibalpha (GpIbalpha) and the plasma protein von Willebrand factor (VWF) reduce platelet velocity at sites of vascular damage and play a role in haemostasis and thrombosis. Here we present structures of the GpIbalpha amino-terminal domain and its complex with the VWF domain A1. In the complex, GpIbalpha(More)
The nucleotide sequences of the cDNAs encoding LDH (EC subunits LDH-A (muscle), LDH-B (liver), and LDH-C (oocyte) from Xenopus laevis, LDH-A (muscle) and LDH-B (heart) from pig, and LDH-B (heart) and LDH-C (testis) from rat were determined. These seven newly deduced amino acid sequences and 22 other published LDH sequences, and three unpublished(More)
The conditions and process of autolysis of calcium-activated neutral protease (CANP) were examined. Optimal conditions for autolysis were the same as those required for expression of activity of CANP. The autolysis proceeded rapidly by a strictly limited proteolysis. During autolysis the molecular weight of CANP changed from 82 K (native CANP or mCANP) to(More)
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