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A universal stability criterion of the foot contact of legged robots - adios ZMP
This paper proposes a universal stability criterion of the foot contact of legged robots. The proposed method checks if the sum of the gravity and the inertia wrench applied to the COG of the robot,Expand
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Constraint-based dynamics simulator for humanoid robots with shock absorbing mechanisms
We propose a simulation system that achieves realistic and efficient simulations of humanoid robots. This paper focuses on a constraint-based contact force solver and virtual spring-damper jointsExpand
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Power-assisted walking support system for elderly
This system is to support elderly people who need some help in standing up from the bed, walking around, sitting down to the toilet or bed for rehabilitation. In the design of this system, the use ofExpand
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A Pattern Generator of Humanoid Robots Walking on a Rough Terrain
This paper presents a motion pattern generator of humanoid robots that walks on a flat plane, steps and a rough terrain. It is guaranteed rigorously that the desired contact between a humanoid robotExpand
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Motion planning for walking pattern generation of humanoid
In this paper, we plan the collision free motion for walking pattern generation of a humanoid robot. Our motion planner can take into account several features of the walking pattern generator. WeExpand
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A pattern generator of humanoid robots walking on a rough terrain using a handrail
This paper presents a biped humanoid robot that is able to walk on a rough terrain while touching a handrail. The contact wrench sum (CWS for short) is used as the criterion to judge if the contactExpand
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Two-Stage Time-Parametrized Gait Planning for Humanoid Robots
In this paper, we propose a framework on planning collision-free walking motion for biped humanoid robots. Our proposed planner is composed of two phases. In the first phase, the constraint conditionExpand
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Use of a treadmill for rehabilitation with active impedance control
Ambulatory capability is necessary for the self-support of the aged. Therefore we proposed the walk training system for walk rehabilitation. A walk training system for the aged is now underExpand
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Control Methods of Walk Training System.
Ambulatory capability results in overall improvement of ADL (Ability of Daily Life). Technically aiding the walking ability of the elderly is the basic solution for an elderly society. A walkExpand
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Development of user interface for humanoid service robot system
METI has launched a national 5-year-project called Humanoid Robotics Project (HRP) since 1998 FY. Because humanoid robots have a human-like figure and can walk in a biped way and can take an actionExpand
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