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We introduce Euler/X, a toolkit for logic-based taxonomy integration. Given two taxonomies and a set of alignment constraints between them, Euler/X provides tools for detecting, explaining, and reconciling inconsistencies; finding all possible merges between (consistent) taxonomies; and visualizing merge results. Euler/X employs a number of different(More)
Classifications and phylogenetic inferences of organismal groups change in light of new insights. Over time these changes can result in an imperfect tracking of taxonomic perspectives through the re-/use of Code-compliant or informal names. To mitigate these limitations, we introduce a novel approach for aligning taxonomies through the interaction of human(More)
Classifications and phylogenies of perceived natural entities change in the light of new evidence. Taxonomic changes, translated into Code-compliant names, frequently lead to name:meaning dissociations across succeeding treatments. Classification standards such as the Mammal Species of the World (MSW) may experience significant levels of taxonomic change(More)
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