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Testing is the fundamental technique to assess the correctness of software systems, but it is cost-labored to generate test cases. One solution to change the situation is to automatize some parts of the testing process, especially the generation of test cases using formal theory and technology. The research work in the direction shows the good perspective.(More)
For half a century, computer programs have been widely applied in all areas of industry and daily life. Given any program, whether it can terminate has direct impact on software safety. Many researchers have been working on the termination of programs. One definition of termination is as follows: a program is terminating if it terminates for any initial(More)
Whether a program can terminate or not has direct impact on software safety. As false results can occur due to calculation errors on floating point numbers, the terminability can be false given a loop program and any initial value on R<sup>n</sup>. In this paper, a recursive algorithm is suggested for calculating the values of arithmetic expressions to(More)
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