Shizhong Jiang

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UNLABELLED We quantified the impact of 60-day head-down bed rest (HDBR) with countermeasures on arterial and venous response to tilt. METHODS Twenty-one males: 7 control (Con), 7 resistive vibration exercise (RVE) and 7 Chinese herb (Herb) were assessed. Subjects were identified as finisher (F) or non-finishers (NF) at the post-HDBR 20-min tilt test. The(More)
OBJECTIVE Check if the Temporal flow response to Tilt could provide early hemodynamic pattern in the minutes preceding a syncope during the Tilt test performed after a 60-d head down bedrest (HDBR). METHOD Twenty-one men divided into 3 groups [Control (Con), Resistive Vibration (RVE) and Chinese Herb (Herb)] underwent a 60 day HDBR. Pre and Post HDBR a 20(More)
Skeletal unloading induced by disuse or immobilization causes a decrease in bone mass and strength. We investigated the relationship between whole-body vibration (WBV) and resistance exercise (RE) in preventing bone loss induced by 8-week hindlimb unloading in young male rats. Sixty male Wistar rats were assigned randomly to 6 groups: age-matched control(More)
A robust and real-time facial detector has been designed using multi-classifier combination method. The new detector composes of three classifiers: Skin color detector, AdaBoost detector based on haar-like features, and eye-mouth detector, a semi-serial architecture is designed to combine the three detectors, which set up the division and cooperation system(More)
Prolactin promotes the expression of exogenous human transferrin gene in the milk of transgenic mice. To elucidate this, a recombinant plasmid of bovine prolactin plus human transferrin vector was co-transfected into cultured murine mammary gland epithelial cells. Prolactin-receptor antagonist and shRNA corresponding to prolactin-receptor mRNA were added(More)
Skin detection based on skin-color information has gained much attention because of its advantages in effective computation and rotation independent. An important challenge of skin color detection is how to detect skin color pixels located in shadow regions, which are corrupted by illuminant. In this paper, we propose an illuminant independent skin color(More)
Multiple sequence alignment is a fundamental problem in computational molecular biology. This paper shows a brand new refinement strategy combining divide-and-conquer and Beam-Through alignment (DC-BTA). Optimization objective function (OF) is additively computed with new stage beam area, which is corresponding to beam area rate in [6]. The refinement is(More)
Chinese herbal medicine is a promising countermeasure against cardiovascular dysfunction associated with a sedentary lifestyle. We examined the impact of the Chinese herb, Taikong Yangxin, on the micro- and macrovascular dysfunction associated with a 60-day bed rest. Fourteen healthy men were randomly divided into two groups: those given herbal supplement,(More)
The medical CT images are irregular and have deep boundary concavities. So how to get the organ picture from serial images quickly and accurately is a difficult process. The paper discusses the shortcoming of GVF model being susceptible to structures with slender topology. For the better convergence we improve GVF model by setting the initial contour as the(More)
An important challenge of any skin color based intelligent system is to filter off varying illuminant in color facial images. In this paper, we propose a novel Retinex algorithm which based on an advanced adaptive smoothing filter to remove illuminant in color images. The proposed method estimates illumination by convolving the input image with some(More)
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