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We present an easy-to-use image retouching technique for realistic reshaping of human bodies in a single image. A <i>model-based</i> approach is taken by integrating a 3D whole-body morphable model into the reshaping process to achieve globally consistent editing effects. A novel <i>body-aware image warping</i> approach is introduced to reliably transfer(More)
We present a link–rewiring mechanism to produce surrogates of a network where both the degree distribution and the rich–club connectivity are preserved. We consider three real networks, the AS–Internet, the protein interaction and the scientific collaboration. We show that for a given degree distribution, the rich–club connectivity is sensitive to the(More)
The essence of a 3D shape can often be well captured by its salient feature curves. In this paper, we explore the use of salient curves in synthesizing intuitive, shape-revealing textures on surfaces. Our texture synthesis is guided by two principles: matching the direction of the texture patterns to those of the salient curves, and aligning the prominent(More)
Revealing the sketching sequence of a line drawing can be visually intriguing and used for video-based storytelling. Typically this is enabled based on tedious recording of artists' drawing process. We demonstrate that it is often possible to estimate a reasonable drawing order from a static line drawing with clearly defined shape geometry, which looks(More)
Figure 1: Our synthesizer generates a consistent, aperiodic pattern along a ribbon, from an example (red). It does not produce distortions in high curvature regions. The heart shape as well as the two right most results are closed curves. Abstract Many algorithms in Computer Graphics require to synthesize a pattern along a curve. This is for instance the(More)
Decorative patterns are observed in many forms of art, typically enriching the visual aspect of otherwise simple shapes. Such patterns are especially difficult to create, as they often exhibit intricate structural details and at the same time have to precisely match the size and shape of the underlying geometry. In the field of Computer Graphics, several(More)
In complex networks the rich nodes are the subset of nodes with high degree. These well connected nodes tend to dominate the organisation of the network's structure. In non–evolving networks, a reference network has been used to detect if the connectivity between the rich nodes is due to chance or caused by an unknown mechanism. Chance is represented as a(More)
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