Shizhao Li

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The routing and signaling protocols for supporting multipoint-to-multipoint connections in ATM networks have been presented earlier. VP-Merge and VC-Merge techniques have been proposed as the likely candidates for resolving the sender identification problem associated with these connections. The additional buffer requirements in the VC-Merge mechanism and(More)
The embryogenesis period is critical for epigenetic reprogramming and is thus of great significance in the research field of poultry epigenetics for elucidation of the trends in DNA methylation variations during the embryonic development of birds, particularly due to differences in embryogenesis between birds and mammals. Here, we first examined the(More)
Insulin-like factor 2 (IGF2) plays an important role in embryonic growth process by modulating intermediary metabolism and cell proliferation. Folic acid is involved in one carbon metabolism and contributes to DNA methylation which is related to gene expression. The purpose of this study was to explore whether folic acid could regulate IGF2 expression via(More)
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