Shize Zhang

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Glutathione, γ-glutamylcysteinylglycine, exists abundantly in nearly all organisms. Glutathione participates in various physiological processes involved in redox reactions by serving as an electron donor/acceptor. We found that the abundance of total glutathione increased up to 60% in resistant wheat plants within 72 hours following attack by the gall midge(More)
In this paper, a laboratory study was made on the predation of Orius minutus on the 3rd to approximately 4th instar nymphs of Odontothrips loti, and the intraspecific interference within O. minutus. The results showed that the functional responses of adult O. minutus to O. loti nymphs fitted Holling II type equation, i. e., Na = 1.0113N/(1 + 0.04149N) in(More)
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