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Effect of flow and stretch on the [Ca2+]i response of principal and intercalated cells in cortical collecting duct.
An acute increase in tubular fluid flow rate in the microperfused cortical collecting duct (CCD), associated with a approximately 20% increase in tubular diameter, leads to an increase inExpand
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Synchronization for a class of complex dynamical networks with time-delay
Abstract In this study, the synchronization problem is addressed for a class of complex dynamical networks in which every identical node is a time-delayed Lur’e system. Delay-dependent andExpand
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Consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions accounting with capital stock change highlights dynamics of fast-developing countries
Traditional consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions accounting attributed the gap between consumption-based and production-based emissions to international trade. Yet few attempts have analyzedExpand
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Global network of embodied water flow by systems input-output simulation
The global water resources network is simulated in the present work for the latest target year with statistical data available and with the most detailed data disaggregation. A top-down approach ofExpand
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Dynamical models of happiness with fractional order
Abstract This present study focuses on a dynamical model of happiness described through fractional-order differential equations. By categorizing people of different personality and different impactExpand
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Generalized AIC method based on higher-order moments and entropy of financial time series
In this paper, a generalized method of traditional Akaike information criterion is proposed as a new measurement to compare and evaluate the volatility behaviors of time series in stock market. ThisExpand
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Global behaviors of pendulum-like dynamical networks
  • Shiyun Xu, Y. Yang
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 7th Asian Control Conference
  • 2 October 2009
This paper focuses on the global behaviors of a class of pendulum-like dynamical networks with multiple equilibria. Sufficient conditions for the determination of gradientlike as well as dichotomyExpand
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On parameter-dependent Lyapunov functions for robust fault detection filter design with application in power systems
We investigate the fault detection problem for uncertain linear time invariant (LTI) systems subject to polytopic uncertainties, exploiting some properties provided by the observer-based robust fault detection filter (RFDF), which has possible applications in practical power systems. Expand
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Chaos synchronization for a class of nonlinear oscillators with fractional order
Abstract In this paper, a special kind of nonlinear chaotic oscillator, the Qi oscillator, is studied in detail. Since such systems are shown to possess a relatively wide spectral bandwidth, it isExpand
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An Event-Triggered Secondary Control Strategy With Network Delay in Islanded Microgrids
Frequency deviation and powers sharing error exist in a microgrid with multiple droop-controlled distributed generations. Expand
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