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Particle swarm optimization (PSO) has shown to be an efficient, robust and simple optimization algorithm, and has been successfully applied to many different kinds of problems. But it is still an open problem that why PSO can be successful. Most of current PSO studies are empirical, with only a few theoretical analyses, and these theoretical studies(More)
Recent advances in nanophotonic fabrication have made the optical network-on-chip an attractive interconnect option for next-generation multi-/many-core systems, providing high bandwidth and power efficiency. Both postfabrication and runtime calibration of the optical components (ring resonators) are essential to building a robust optical communication(More)
On-chip optical communication infrastructure has been proposed to provide higher bandwidth and lower power consumption for the next-generation high performance multi-core systems. Online calibration of these optical components is essential to building a robust optical communication system, which is highly sensitive to process and thermal variation. However,(More)