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An incremental genetic algorithm approach to multiprocessor scheduling
We have developed a genetic algorithm (GA) approach to the problem of task scheduling for multiprocessor systems. Expand
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Sensor Network Optimization Using a Genetic Algorithm
In this paper, we propose an efficient method based on genetic algorithms (GAs) to solve a sensor network optimization problem. Expand
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A performance study of multiprocessor task scheduling algorithms
We compare nine scheduling algorithms which are frequently used to the best of our knowledge: min–min, chaining, A*, genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, tabu search, HLFET, ISH and DSH with task duplication. Expand
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Pursuit-evasion games with multi-pursuer vs. one fast evader
  • Shiyuan Jin, Z. Qu
  • Mathematics
  • 8th World Congress on Intelligent Control and…
  • 7 July 2010
In a pursuit-evasion (PE) game, each pursuer attempts to minimize the distance between the pursuer (P) and the evader (E) and capture it in the shortest time, whereas evader tries to maximize the distance to escape from being captured. Expand
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A heuristic task scheduling for multi-pursuer multi-evader games
  • Shiyuan Jin, Z. Qu
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Information and…
  • 6 June 2011
This paper introduces a divide-and-conquer, heuristic task scheduling optimization approach on the multi-pursuer multi-evader (MPME) games in which pursuers attempt to minimize the time to capture all evaders whereas evaders try to maximize the capture time. Expand
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Parallel particle swarm optimization (PPSO) on the coverage problem in pursuit-evasion games
A Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization (PPSO) algorithm using MPI is implemented to solve the coverage problem of pursuit-evasion games where multiple pursuers need to cooperate to cover an agile evader's possible escape area within reasonable time. Expand
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An incremental fitness function for partitioning parallel tasks
We describe a novel GA approach to partition programs to be executed on a parallel system using a dynamically incremental fitness function which starts out rewarding for simpler goals, gradually increasing the difficulty of the desired fitness values or goals until a full solution is found. Expand
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Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
A sensor web system can be used to monitor and detect any intruder in a specific area from a remote location. Expand
Theory and experiment of the resonance sound wave interactions in water
Equations governing nonlinear interactions among acoustic waves in water which satisfy the resonance conditions are derived from the Burgers equation. Taking into account of the second-orderExpand
Beam characteristics of the truncated parametric array generated by a panel piston radiator
A theoretical model is presented to describe the difference frequency beam characteristics of the truncated parametric array generated by a panel piston radiator. In this model, a low-pass acousticExpand