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The software pipelining technique is an effective approach to the optimization of loops in array processor programs and microprograms. In this paper we present a global URPR algorithm—GURPR to optimize loops of different structures based on the LURPR method we presented in 1986. We start with a brief introduction to LURPR, then discuss the pipelining(More)
Fisher's trace scheduling procedure for global compaction has proven to be able to produce significant reduction in execution time of compacted microcode, however extra space may be sometimes required during bookkeeping, and the efficacy of compaction of microprogram loop is lower than that of hand compaction. This paper introduces an improved trace(More)
In this paper an attributed finite state machine (AFSM) model for the behavior specification of reactive systems is introduced. The basic idea is to attach attributes to the states of state machines in order to express values of system data and to define attribute computation in a functional way. An specification in AFSM consists of a collection of state(More)
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