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RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES A previous scan-regularized reconstruction (PSRR) method was proposed to reduce radiation dose and applied to lung perfusion studies. Normal and ultra-low-dose lung computed tomographic perfusion studies were compared in terms of the estimation accuracy of pulmonary functional parameters. MATERIALS AND METHODS A sequence of sheep(More)
We study the local region-of-interest (ROI) reconstruction problem, also referred to as the local CT problem. Our scheme includes two steps: (a) the local truncated normal-dose projections are extended to global dataset by combining a few global low-dose projections; (b) the ROI are reconstructed by either the generalized filtered backprojection (FBP) or(More)
In this article, we propose to develop the first clinical micro-CT (CMCT) system for human temporal bone imaging in vivo. This CMCT system consists of medical CT and micro-CT scanners either as separate components or in a combination, a cross-modality registration mechanism such as a facial surface scanner, and associated software. This system integrates(More)
With the introduction of spiral/helical multislice CT, medical x-ray CT began a transition into cone-beam geometry. The higher speed, thinner slice, and wider coverage with multislice/cone-beam CT indicate a great potential for dynamic volumetric imaging, with cardiac CT studies being the primary example. Existing ECG-gated cardiac CT algorithms have(More)
In this paper, we present concise proofs of several recently developed exact cone-beam reconstruction methods in the Tuy inversion framework, including both filtered-backprojection and backprojection-filtration formulas in the cases of standard spiral, nonstandard spiral, and more general scanning loci. While a similar proof of the Katsevich formula was(More)
In this paper, we prove a generalized backprojection-filtration formula for exact cone-beam image reconstruction with an arbitrary scanning locus. Our proof is independent of the shape of the scanning locus, as long as the object is contained in a region where there is a chord through any interior point. As special cases, this generalized formula can be(More)
In this article we consider cone-beam CT projections along a nonstandard 3-D spiral with variable radius and variable pitch. Specifically, we generalize an exact image reconstruction formula by Zou and Pan (2004a) and (2004b) to the case of nonstandard spirals, by giving a new, analytic proof of the reconstruction formula. Our proof is independent of the(More)
A hot topic in cone-beam CT research is exact cone-beam reconstruction from a general scanning trajectory. Particularly, a nonstandard saddle curve attracts attention, as this construct allows the continuous periodic scanning of a volume-of-interest (VOI). Here we evaluate two algorithms for reconstruction from data collected along a nonstandard saddle(More)
Two theorems are presented for wavelet decompositions of the two-dimensional Radon transform. The first theorem establishes an upper error bound in L 2-norm between the Radon transform and its wavelet approximation whose coefficients at different scales are estimated from Radon data acquired at corresponding sampling rates. The second theorem gives an(More)
For applications in bolus-chasing computed tomography (CT) angiography and electron-beam micro-CT, the backprojection-filtration (BPF) formula developed by Zou and Pan was recently generalized by Ye et al to reconstruct images from cone-beam data collected along a rather flexible scanning locus, including a nonstandard spiral. A major implication of the(More)