Shiying Ma

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We provide some visualization results of our CNN-based subitizing classifiers to provide insight into the model learned by the CNN. 1. Sample prediction results, showing example true positives, false positives and false negatives produced by our Subitizing classifiers (Fig. 1). 2. Sample visualization results of our CNN subitizing classifiers using the(More)
—Recent research has demonstrated that the rotor angle stability can be assessed by identifying the sign of the system's maximal Lyapunov exponent (MLE). A positive (negative) MLE implies unstable (stable) rotor angle dynamics. However, because the MLE may fluctuate between positive and negative values for a long time after a severe disturbance, it is(More)
Information technology is essential to support the smart grid. The data collected for power management, operations and marketing forms a set of typical industrial big data. As an important information source for power operations, the wide area measurement information provides a new opportunity for the emergency control of a power system, forced on the(More)
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