Shiying Ma

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The spontaneous vesicle formation of ABABA-type amphiphilic multiblock copolymers bearing thermosensitive hydrophilic A-block in a selective solvent is studied using dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) approach. The formation process of vesicle through nucleation and growth pathway is observed by varying the temperature. The simulation results show that(More)
An extensive and systematic calculation was performed to explore hierarchical cylindrical structures and the order-to-order transitions of AB diblock copolymers (f(A) = 0.3) on a saw-toothed substrate using self-consistent mean-field theory. We obtained fifteen relatively simple morphologies, including the existing morphologies observed experimentally and(More)
We performed a dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) approach to study the self-assembly of AB diblock copolymer tethered nanoparticles (P) in dilute solutions. Different morphological aggregates, including spherical micelles, vesicles, disk-like micelles and rod-like micelles, were found by varying the interaction between block copolymers and nanoparticles.(More)
The large capacity transmission of power over long distance and the rapid development of renewable energy increase the probability of unexpected emergencies such as overload and under-voltage. To tackle these emergencies and defend future disturbances, the corrective switching is implemented as an online control and a multi-objective scheme-making approach(More)
We investigated the self-assembly of surfactant-like amphiphiles consisting of a hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tail using the dissipative particle dynamics method. By controlling the interaction parameter between the hydrophilic head and the solvent, the length of the hydrophobic tail, the size of the hydrophilic head, and the polymer concentration, we(More)
Information technology is essential to support the smart grid. The data collected for power management, operations and marketing forms a set of typical industrial big data. As an important information source for power operations, the wide area measurement information provides a new opportunity for the emergency control of a power system, forced on the(More)
Recent research has demonstrated that the rotor angle stability can be assessed by identifying the sign of the system’s maximal Lyapunov exponent (MLE). A positive (negative) MLE implies unstable (stable) rotor angle dynamics. However, because the MLE may fluctuate between positive and negative values for a long time after a severe disturbance, it is(More)
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