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—Clustering is one of the most popular methods for exploratory data analysis, which is prevalent in many disciplines such as image segmentation, bioinformatics, pattern recognition and statistics etc. The most famous clustering algorithm is K-means because of its easy implementation, simplicity, efficiency and empirical success. However, the real-world(More)
Recently, State of energy (SOE) has become one of the most fundamental parameters for battery management systems in electric vehicles. However, current information is critical in SOE estimation and current sensor is usually utilized to obtain the latest current information. However, if the current sensor fails, the SOE estimation may be confronted with(More)
User interest modeling is the core of personalized services. It is applied in the fields of information retrieval, data mining, e-commerce and personalized recommendation to improve the quality of information services. Most of traditional user interest models are built on VSM using keywords as the user interest. However, these models not only ignore the(More)
—We present a two-stage method to accurately segment single or multiple moving objects and their shadows, especially when the moving objects have similar chromaticity and intensity to their shadows or when they are immersed in the shadows of other moving objects. Our algorithm first detects potential shadows via brightness ratios at each motion region,(More)
The cellular effects of gastric electrical stimulation (GES), which has recently been introduced as a potential therapy for the treatment of gastroparesis and obesity, were investigated in rat antrum smooth muscle cells (SMCs). Effects on cell membrane potentials of single electrical current pulses (pulse width from 0.1 ms to 200 ms) and 2-s pulse train(More)