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—Clustering is one of the most popular methods for exploratory data analysis, which is prevalent in many disciplines such as image segmentation, bioinformatics, pattern recognition and statistics etc. The most famous clustering algorithm is K-means because of its easy implementation, simplicity, efficiency and empirical success. However, the real-world(More)
User interest modeling is the core of personalized services. It is applied in the fields of information retrieval, data mining, e-commerce and personalized recommendation to improve the quality of information services. Most of traditional user interest models are built on VSM using keywords as the user interest. However, these models not only ignore the(More)
A method is described to reproduce reflection properties at the surface of real objects using spectral images, which are often saturated because of the limited dynamic range of image detectors. Reflection components are separated into diffuse and specular reflection components based on the dichromatic model at 5-nm wavelength intervals between 380nm and(More)
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