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—Industrial heating furnace has a great deal of special characteristics such as big capacity, long lag and non-linear trait, etc. In order to control it better, we present a sort of fuzzy neural network temperature control model. It can transform the rulers of fuzzy logic control to a pair of input-output samples of multilayer forward neural network.The(More)
To solve the low accuracy and bad robustness problems in traditional water quality prediction method, this paper put forward a primary component analysis (PCA)–fuzzy neural network (FNN)–DEBP based prediction model of dissolved oxygen (DO) in aquaculture water quality. This model used PCA to extract the PC of aquaculture ecological indexes, then reduced the(More)
Based on the researches on controlling urban artery traffic, a hierarchical control method for traffic signals at artery multi-crossings is proposed. This control method, which uses wireless sensor networks and fuzzy control method, has two layers of WSN. The first layer is a data collecting layer which consists of terminal nodes and sink nodes. This data(More)
In order to solve the problem of rotation invariant texture image retrieval, an image retrieval algorithm based on Log-Polar and nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT) is proposed. Log-Polar transform was first applied to texture image to convert the rotation to translation. Then, translation invariant NSCT was employed to decompose the transformed(More)
In view of the limitation of the traditional security technique in web service (WS) session domain, it researched the session security management model based on web service and analyzed the security specifications of WS-Security and WS-Conversation proposed by IBM and Microsoft. In combination with a specific E-Commerce project, it discussed the design of(More)
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