Shiyang Zhao

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Salicylic acid (SA) functions in the plant response to drought stress were assessed using SA-altering Arabidopsis mutants, including snc1 (with constitutively high levels of SA) and its nahG-transformed plants (named as snc1/nahG, with a comparable SA level to the wild type), sid2 and transgenic line nahG (both with SA deficiency), and npr1-1 (with SA(More)
An enhanced Al(3+) tolerance has been observed in ethylene insensitive mutant ein2-1 and salicylic acid insensitive mutant npr1-1 of Arabidopsis. However, we found that the tolerant phenotype of ein2-1 and npr1-1 under Al stress was dependent on NPR and EIN function, respectively, because the double mutant ein2-1/npr1-1 displayed more sensitive to Al stress(More)
This paper proposed the disturbance observer based control for the PEMFC generation system. First we analysis the transient behaviour of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) system following abrupt changes in the stack current by using a non-linear dynamic, control-oriented computer model. Then the model is used to develop a PID control scheme(More)
Recent mountain pine beetle outbreaks in western North America killed millions of lodgepole pine trees, leaving few survivors. However, the mechanism underlying the ability of trees to survive bark beetle outbreaks is unknown, but likely involve phytochemicals such as monoterpenes and fatty acids that can drive beetle aggregation and colonization on their(More)
The involvement of jasmonic acid (JA) in the plant response to cadmium (Cd) stress has been addressed in some publications by application experiments or analysis of endogenous contents of JA. In this study, we comparatively investigated the response of tomato wild type (WT) and its JA-deficient mutant spr2 to Cd stress aimed at clarifying the role of JA.(More)
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