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In this paper we use the information theoretic Infomap algorithm (Rosvall and Bergstrom in Proc Natl Acad Sci 105(4):1118–1123, 2008) iteratively in order to cluster the direct citation network of the Astro Data Set (publications in 59 astrophysical journals between 2003 and 2010.) We obtain 22 clusters of documents from the giant component of the network(More)
Placebo control is a useful method for determining the efficacy of a therapy. In acupuncture researches, the preferred method for placebo control is acupuncture using a placebo needle that has a blunt tip and achieves no skin penetration. We performed a crossover study to validate the blinding effect of a new type of placebo needle. Sixty volunteers were(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research has shown that electro-acupuncture (EA) may be effective for functional constipation. We report a protocol for a randomized controlled trial using EA to confirm the efficacy and safety for severe chronic functional constipation. METHODS/DESIGN This is a randomized, controlled trial. A total of 1,034 patients will be randomly(More)
BACKGROUND Chinese herbal medicine is one of the most popular Chinese medicine (CM) therapies for primary insomnia. One of the important characteristics of CM is that different Chinese clinicians give different prescriptions even for the same patient. However, there must be some fixed drug patterns in every clinician's prescriptions. This study aims to(More)
Software APIs often contain too many methods and parameters for developers to memorize or navigate effectively. Instead, developers resort to finding answers through online search engines and systems such as Stack Overflow. However, the process of finding and integrating a working solution is often very time-consuming. Though code search engines have(More)
Gastric cancer (GC) is one of the common reasons of cancer-related death with few biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis. Solute carrier family 2 (facilitated glucose transporter) member 1 protein SLC2A1, also known as glucose transporter type 1 (GLUT1), has been associated with tumor progression, metastasis, and poor prognosis in many human solid tumors.(More)
BACKGROUND Acupuncture is safe and may be effective for severe chronic constipation. The World Gastroenterology Organisation recommends prucalopride for patients for whom previous laxative use failed to provide satisfactory relief. METHODS/DESIGN In this prospective, multi-centre, randomised controlled trial, five hundred sixty patients with severe(More)
In the early stages of designing graphical user interfaces (GUIs), the look (appearance) can be easily presented by sketching, but the feel (interactive behaviors) cannot, and often requires an accompanying description of how it works (Myers et al. 2008). We propose to use crowdsourcing to augment early sketches with interactive behaviors generated , used,(More)
BACKGROUND Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) is widely recognized as an effective method of combatting narcotic addiction. MMT reduces heroin withdrawal symptoms and, thus, makes it possible to provide the psychological and social support that is essential to the rehabilitation of drug users. AIM Compare the severity of depressive symptoms in heroin(More)