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Wireless frequency allocation is of great importance in the multihop cellular network, Relay stations(RS) use wireless transmission to connect to the base station(BS) and to the mobile stations (MS), while direct BS-MS connection is also possible. In this paper a novel resource allocation scheme is presented. The scheme is used in station area in city.(More)
With the rapid development of high-speed railway, trains travel faster and more densely, which may bring uncertain factors to the safety of trains. To ensure the safety of the trains, one of the effective measures is the provision of an “electronic telescope” to the drivers, which can expand the divers' horizon, and make the drivers have(More)
We propose Sb-doped TiO₂ as electron acceptor material for depleted CdTe nanocrystal (NC) hetero-junction solar cells. Novel devices with the architecture of FTO/ZnO/Sb:TiO₂/CdTe/Au based on CdTe NC and TiO₂ precursor are fabricated by rational ambient solution process. By introducing TiO₂ with dopant concentration, we are able to tailor the optoelectronic(More)
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