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Heusler alloys crystallize in a close-packed cubic structure, having a four-atom basis forming a face-centred cubic lattice. By selecting different composite elements, Heusler alloys provide a large family of members for frontier research of spintronics and magnetic materials and devices. In this paper, the structural, electronic and magnetic properties of(More)
One of the biggest challenges in spintronics is finding how to switch the magnetization of a material. One way of the spin switching is the spin reorientation transition (SRT), a switching of macroscopic magnetization rotated by 90°. The macroscopic magnetization in a NdFeO3 single crystal rotates from Γ4 to Γ2 via Γ24 as the temperature is decreased from(More)
Magnetic field and temperature dependence of spin wave excitation and manipulation in RFeO<sub>3</sub> (R=Nd) are studied with THz time-domain spectroscopy. Our studies reveal that the spin reorientation transition triggered by external magnetic field is strongly anisotropic: magnetic fields along a-axis is much easier to switch the spin alignment than that(More)
The ytterbium orthochromate YbCrO<inf>3</inf> has a strong anisotropic exchange interaction between Cr<sup>3+</sup> and Yb<sup>3+</sup> ions which makes the compound exhibits negative magnetization when magnetization-temperature curves are measured in a field-cooled mode with low applied field (100 Oe). YbCrO<inf>3</inf> is a canted antiferromagnet (CAFM)(More)
We report a spin reorientation from Γ4(Gx, Ay, Fz) to Γ1(Ax, Gy, Cz) magnetic configuration near room temperature and a re-entrant transition from Γ1(Ax, Gy, Cz) to Γ4(Gx, Ay, Fz) at low temperature in TbFe1-xMnxO3 single crystals by performing both magnetization and neutron diffraction measurements. The Γ4 - Γ1 spin reorientation temperature can be(More)
Nontoxic lead-free magnetoelectric ceramics were successfully prepared by incorporating the dispersed ferromagnetic Ni-ferrite particles into (K<inf>0.5</inf>Na<inf>0.5</inf>)NbO<inf>3</inf>-based ferroelectric matrix. The multiferroicity of the ceramics were verified by P-E loops and magnetic hysteresis loops. Dielectric properties and magnetoelectric(More)
We proposed a general algorithm for phase-shifting shadow moiré by an iterative self-tuning algorithm. In our proposed system, the grating is translated in equal distance to introduce phase shifts across the field of view. The proposed algorithm produces accurate phase information with five interferograms and can calibrate the precise phase step during the(More)
By employing THz time-domain spectroscopy, far infrared optical properties of TmFeO3 single crystal are investigated schematically in temperature range from 5 to 300 K. The temperature dependence of resonances due to iron ions and Tm ions absorption due to crystal field are clarified. The experimental results demonstrate that the temperature induced spin(More)