Shixuan Yao

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According to the path information collected,combined with the characteristics of the car body, the data of the path has been analyzed, the path optimizing algorithm for line track robots has been established, and the correctness of the algorithm has been verified in experiments in this paper. The algorithm design has some certain significance for the line(More)
When an acoustic source makes a sound, during the propagation of sound signals through the air, the frequency and intensity of sound waves will be attenuated with the increase of propagation distance, and the speed of the sound is also affected by other factors as temperature. In this study, three acoustic receiving base stations have been adopted and the(More)
As a fact, when sound wave generated from an acoustic source transmits through the air, its frequency and intensity will be attenuated which depends on the propagation distance. The speed of sound is also affected by other factors like temperature. In this paper, three points acoustic receiving base station design approach is studied and reviewed. The(More)
Posture control system is the key to determine whether the robot is able to complete tasks quickly and accurately, while precise posture detection is the precondition of attitude control. In this paper, the authors put forward a way to construct a horizontal posture of detection system, and take the acceleration sensor as an example to verify the(More)
Yacht amusement industry has gradually become a fashion industry in the amusement places in coastal or other waters. Along with the industry's development, security issues also need to address. In this paper, the yacht intelligent monitoring system has been proposed. And it is constituted of the hardware system including an MMA7260 acceleration sensor, a(More)
The magnetostrictive linear position sensor is widely used in non-touch measurement, auto-location, micro-displacement and ultrasonic vibration test. And it is also used in control actuator system in many kinds of robots. But because of the big noise induced by the magnetic interference in the working environment, the accuracy of the magnetostrictive linear(More)
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