Shixuan He

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A novel strategy which combines iteratively cubic spline fitting baseline correction method with discriminant partial least squares qualitative analysis is employed to analyze the surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy of banned food additives, such as Sudan I dye and Rhodamine B in food, Malachite green residues in aquaculture fish.(More)
The analysis of algae and dominant alga plays important roles in ecological and environmental fields since it can be used to forecast water bloom and control its potential deleterious effects. Herein, we combine in vivo confocal resonance Raman spectroscopy with multivariate analysis methods to preliminary identify the three algal genera in water blooms at(More)
Detecting damages in its early stage, and hence, to ensure the safety and reliability of structures is of vital important. Guided waves have been recognised as one of the promising damage detection techniques that are sensitive to small and different types of damages. The understanding of guided wave propagation and scattering phenomena at the damages is(More)
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