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This paper presents a starfish-like robot with bionic soft body, multi-motion inspired by live starfishes. The structural design principle is based on the biological investigation. The robot prototype is fabricated with help of 3D printing model. By the locomotion principle and control strategy, the soft starfish-like robot is able to fulfill in crawling on(More)
Animals provide inspiration for developing soft machines in bionics, robotics research as well as potential applications. This paper presents an integrated development of locomotive soft robot platforms: starfish-inspired robots with multi-limb bodies actuated by shape memory alloys (SMAs). The designs of these robots were based on the biological(More)
Attracted by the fact that there are lots of demands for robots working in the amphibious environment, this paper proposes a novel, simple and efficient leg for amphibious robots. That leg is made of the elastic material. The leg could deform a curve-like one passively, forced by the resistance when moving on the ground. Moreover, the leg would recover(More)
The article introduces an actinomorphic soft robot that possesses a flattened body with a number of arms radially symmetric distributing and extending from robot central disc. Hence, mimicking radially symmetric musculature animals like starfish. The robot arm system, consisted of arm and smart material alloy (SMA) springs is the support structure as well(More)
Nowadays, research on soft robots has attracted attention and participation of many scholars. In this paper, we describe a new starfish robot with multi-gaits and soft bionic design inspired by live starfishes which possess hydraulic water-vascular systems and different movements. The driving system of the robot is composed of Ti-Ni SMA spring actuators(More)
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