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Since there is no fixed infrastructure or centralized management in wireless ad hoc networks, a Connected Dominating Set (CDS) has been proposed to serve as a virtual backbone. The CDS of a graph representing a network has a significant impact on the efficient design of routing protocols in wireless networks. This problem has been studied extensively in(More)
Article history: Received 21 September 2009 Received in revised form 23 August 2010 Accepted 23 August 2010 Available online 8 September 2010 Recent years have witnessed an increased interest in computing cosine similarity in many application domains. Most previous studies require the specification of a minimum similarity threshold to perform the cosine(More)
This paper presents a unified view of interestingness measures for interesting pattern discovery. Specifically, we first provide three necessary conditions for interestingness measures being used for association pattern discovery. Then, we reveal one desirable property for interestingness measures: the support-ascending conditional antimonotone property(More)
Frequent pattern mining is a key step in many data mining applications. In this paper, we propose a simple and novel pattern growth algorithm, which uses a compact data structure named Array-based Prefix Tree(APT). The APT has a distinct feature that the space requirement can be predictable in advance. The memory usage of APT is less than FP-Tree that uses(More)
A Connected Dominating Set (CDS) can serve as a virtual backbone for a wireless sensor network since there is no fixed infrastructure or centralized management in wireless sensor networks. With the help of CDS, routing is easier and can adapt quickly to network topology changes. The CDS problem has been studied extensively in undirected graphs, especially(More)
In this paper, we design the first polynomial time approximation scheme for d-hop connected dominating set (d-CDS) problem in growth-bounded graphs, which is a general type of graphs including unit disk graph, unit ball graph, etc. Such graphs can represent majority types of existing wireless networks. Our algorithm does not need geometric representation(More)
This paper introduces the traditional method and related technologies of digital in-formation resources integration in multi-field, and big data processing. It analyzes the integration process of digital information resources in multi-field which big data is applied. This paper discusses the main problems need to be solve in integration process of digital(More)