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In this work, a fibrous bed bioreactor with high specific surface area and good adsorption efficacy for S. cerevisiae cells was used as the immobilization matrix in the production of ethanol. In batch fermentation, an optimal ethanol concentration of 91.36 g/l and productivity of 4.57 g l(-1) h(-1) were obtained at an initial sugar concentration of 200 g/l.(More)
Arthrobacter sp. CGMCC 3584 are able to produce cAMP from glucose by the purine synthesis pathway via de novo or salvage biosynthesis. In order to gain an improved understanding of its metabolism, (13)C-labeling experiment and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis were employed to determine the metabolic network structure and estimate the(More)
Ionic liquid (IL)-stabilized non-spherical gold nanofluids have been synthesized by a one-step method in aqueous solution. The whole reaction proceeded in room temperature. In the presence of amino-functionalized ionic liquids, gold nanofluids with long-wave surface plasmon resonance (SPR) absorption (>600 nm) could be obtained by adopting tannic acid as(More)
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