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Artemisinin a natural sesquiterpenoid isolated from Artemisia annua, is of great interest in the treatment of malaria. In this study important artemisinin and related metabolites were profiled throughout the defined developmental period by utilizing efficient reversed-phase HPLC method with UV detection in two elite varieties CIM-Arogya and Jeevan raksha of(More)
Crude extracts and active principles from medicinal plants have shown potential role in controlling plant diseases in glasshouses as well as in fields as one of the safest and ecofriendly methods. The effect of nor-securinine (an alkaloid) isolated from Phyllanthus amarus has been seen against spore germination of some fungi (Alternaria brassicae, A.(More)
Inhibition activity of the alkaloid (−)-corypalmine on spore germination of plant pathogenic and saprophytic fungi (Alternaria solani, A brassicicola, A. brassicae, A. melongenae, Curvularia pallescens, C. lunata, C. maculans, Curvularia sp.,Colletotrichum sp.,Helminthosporium speciferum, H. frumentacei, H. pennisetti, Heterosporium sp.,Penicillum(More)
Narceine methyl ester and narceine are potent alkaloids which were isolated from Corydalis longipes were found effective in vitro at very low concentration, i.e., 100~500 ppm against spore germination of some test plant pathogenic fungi (Alternaria solani, A. tagetica, Cercospora abelmoschi, Curvularia maculans, Erysiphe cichoracearum, E. pisi, Fusarium(More)
The alkaloidsN-methylhydrasteine hydroxylactam and 1-methoxyberberine chloride were isolated fromCorydalis longipes. Both alkaloids showed high efficacy individually (in concentration of 50–150 ppm) and also in a 1 : 1 mixture against spore germination of some fungi,viz. Alternaria alternata, A. brassicae, Curvularia maculans, Curvularia sp.,Colletotrichum(More)
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