Shiwani Kaushal

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Sentinel lymph node (SLN) mapping accurately diagnoses the status of nodal basin with >95% accuracy in melanoma and breast cancer. A multicenter trial for SLN mapping was performed on 203 patients with colorectal cancer to determine accuracy, upstaging, skip metastasis, and aberrant drainage. Lymphazurin 1% was injected subserosally around the tumor and 1-4(More)
Rice straw, used as a substrate for three successive crops of the fruiting bodies ofPleurotus florida having 22% protein, had less cellulose but more nitrogen and ash than the original straw.In vitro digestibility using bacterial cellulase released 4.3-fold more reducing sugars per g cellulose from spent straw than from plain straw. There was 8-fold(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the allergen(s) responsible for mid April-mid May nasobronchial allergy seen in North India. DESIGN Case control study. SETTING Children living in and around Chandigarh (urban, rural). SUBJECTS 39 children suffering from wheat harvest period (mid April-mid May) respiratory allergy along with randomly selected controls. METHODS(More)
A 36-kDa phospholipid transfer protein (PLT-PR), which preferentially transfers phosphatidyl choline (PC) compared to phosphatidyl inositol (PI), was purified 827-fold from rabbit lung homogenate. Incorporation of cholesterol in unilamellar vesicles reduced the PC transfer activity of PLTPR. Dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl choline uptake by alveolar type II cells(More)
The lung is comprised of about 40 different cell types, of which only 15% are type II cells. These are the major, if not the sole, source of synthesis and secretion of lung surfactant. To date a large number of methods have been described for the isolation of pure populations of type II cells using a wide variety of techniques, but most of these have(More)
Lavandula angustifolia (Family Labiates) is a medicinal herb found in Mediterranean area. It is a well known herb in ayurvedic system of medicines and has traditionally been used to treat disorder of liver, fever and several conditions including infertility, infection and anxiety. There are few reports on tissue culture of Lavandula angustifolia that too(More)
4049 Background: Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping (SLNM) in colon Cancerc (Cca) has been shown to be successful, sensitive and accurate. We aimed to evaluate the recurrence rates in patients(pts) with Cca after SLNM and correlate it to the number of positive(+ve) LNs. METHODS Between 1996 and 2006, pts diagnosed with Cca were enrolled in a prospective trial(More)