Shiwani Agarwal

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AIMS In the present study we have investigated the comparative switching propensity of murine peritoneal and splenic B cell subpopulations to IgA in presence of retinoic acid (RA) and TGF-β. METHODS AND RESULTS To study the influence of RA and TGF-β on switching of B cell subpopulations to IgA, peritoneal (B1a, B1b and B2 cells) and splenic (B1a, marginal(More)
CONTEXT Snake bites are the common cause of morbidity and mortality in tropical countries. AIMS To analyze the outcome of snake bite victims SETTINGS AND DESIGN Retrospective analysis of data from Intensive care unit, Department of Anesthesiology. MATERIALS AND METHODS All the patients admitted in the intensive care unit for snake bite management(More)
BACKGROUND Metabolic acid-base disorders in critically ill patients may not be identified by base excess (BE) approach. Anion gap method can detect approximately 1/3 hidden "gap acidosis". In such conditions, when adjusted for hypoalbuminemia, Fencl-Stewart's approach can reliably detect the hidden abnormal anions. AIM Evaluate the efficacy of simplified(More)
Children in rural India are a vulnerable group for snake bites. Improper elicitation of history and atypical presentations could lead to misdiagnosis and delay in treatment. We are reporting the case of an 8-year-old male child who presented with convulsions, unconsciousness and hypertension who was initially managed as a case of hypertensive encephalopathy(More)
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